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Lundy Island - Making Work

Used to drawing, painting or taking photographs in response to a location, this time I took video footage of the landscape. On my return, I found I had hours of different skies. They were dramatic, and nice to look at, but somehow I wanted to make a piece of work that reflected the experience of being on Lundy, without being such a literal representation.

On return to Hackney, I set about making a set of colour Monoprints based on the memory of the seas and skies of Lundy. With artist Bruce Gilchrist, on a freezing cold winter morning, we filmed the process of the prints being made outside using oil on glass shot from below. The series of abstract images were shot in real time and then edited.

Developing Practice - Experimenting with Description

The question of audio description had come up at various points during the project, as it was of particular interest to those involved. I had never incorporated writing as an integral part of my practice. I did not want to add a very dry and boring outline of the film with the intention of "providing access". Instead I wrote a piece to reflect the rhythm and narrative of the images, which was intended to be more evocative of the sense of place and the process of making rather than a straight description.

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