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Still Lights Blue  blinds

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Still Lights Blue blinds

This is a detail of a photograph taken in very bright sunlight against the blind. There is an overriding feeling of blue, which covers the whole picture.

Again, the silhouette of a blue-black shelf runs across the bottom of the length of the picture. This time we see 3 glass shapes, but the sunlight has picked out more qualities within the glass and the outlines are clean and defined. The light was so bright that it seemed to both magnify the size of the glass bottles and act as a microscope to pick out details in the glass that would not normally be visible to me. In the centre sits a bottle the shape and size of a wine bottle, but it is a rich dark electric blue, with the flaws in its glass being picked out across the bottle like violet lightning.

On the left of the picture, cut off by the edge of the frame, we can see part of a smoky grey empty vase, looking flat and rectangular, with the dappled grey markings within the glass enlarged by the light coming through it. On the right of this very flat, frontal composition, is part of a squat, blue-purple vase with a fat belly and its sides narrowing elegantly to a slender top cut off at an angle. The round form of this vase is suggested by the light picking out soft lines rippling across its middle. The whole image is covered in a dappled blue which mimics the sky in the evening. Many of the paintings I was undertaking at the same time as these photographs are dominated by a blanket of blue such as appears in these images.

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