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Still Lights Shadow

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Still Lights Shadow

These next two images are really designed to be seen as a pair as they are the same subject matter. Instead of photographing the light directly, these photographs were taken in my studio, and show the shadows of the shelves and bottles cast across a side wall in the studio in bright sunlight. The compositions are more dynamic than the other frontal pictures, the shadows casting diagonal lines across the surface.

The first image consists mainly of two tones, a brown-grey of the shadow and a creamy grey of the light on the wall. The picture is hard to decipher. Two or three shelves cut diagonally downwards across the image from left to right. On the shelf we can detect bottles of different shapes and sizes, and what appear to be brushes or artist materials sticking out of the top of what might be a jug or a vase. All these shapes are in a soft grey brown silhouette with only a hint of blue purple glass from a bottle or vase we have seen before. The wall is bathed in light and has a rough knobbly texture. This texture was, in fact, the woodchip wallpaper of my studio, which in the enlargement process has become more abstract and blurred as in the former pictures using the weave of the blinds.

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