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Still Lights Shadows  with violet

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Still Lights Shadows with violet

The second image is even more abstract. This time more of the surface of the image is taken up by the dark shadow. The dark shadow forms from the window frame and shelves, and cuts across the top section of the image downwards from left to right, and the picture is cut in two vertically by a thick diagonal shadow from top to bottom. There are only two sections of light wall showing each side of this diagonal shadow. The cream walls make two triangular or trapezium shapes. .Everything is visually confusing and indistinguishable, but the eye is drawn to the bottom left of the picture, where there is a shot of vibrant violet light coming from somewhere. Further inspection shows us the silhouette of the strange bulbous bottle we have seen before, which must be the source of this intense colour.

I was interested in these images because they looked at the subject matter slightly askance, and objects were distorted or reduced to abstract shapes with only a hint of colour. The wood chip was a happy accident, not usually seeing its texture in real life, its grain became interesting as a reference to seeing through a graininess as a result of the enlargement process.

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