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Still Lights Violet

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Still Lights Violet

This final piece is the companion portrait format picture to complete the exhibition. The colours in this image are predominantly grey, purple, and black, picking up the main colour palette through the show. The composition here is fairly simple. The shelving and window frame form a black frame or border around the bottom, left hand side and top of the picture. The background has the same see-through static of the material weave, looking like snowstorm white, mauve and grey specs. On the left hand side, half chopped off by the composition is the smoky glass vessel, this time looking purple black rather than grey, with the light showing through the speckled flaws in its glass like snake or crocodile skin. The blue wine bottle shape appears again, but this time the light has turned it an intense, and luminous cobalt violet, with streaks of white and pale violet marking the glass like tree branches.

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